Why be silent in this election?

If you don't vote,
  you don't count,
    and don't matter.

So either Vote…
or Vote None in protest.

There's no reason to be silent.

'Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.'

Leonardo da Vinci  1452 ‑ 1519

In the last general election over a third of registered voters did not vote.

In 2005 it was nearly as many as voted Labour and Conservative combined!!

But non-voters are invisible.  They are not shown in the results.  Not voting is explained away as apathy.

So it's time to be heard.

>>  If just some of that 'Unheard Third' Vote, anything is possible:  good indepen­dent-minded candidates and smaller parties can win seats and have influence.

>>  Or if we Vote NONE, then the protest for change can be larger even than the vote for the government.  That's far larger than any street demonstration.

So even if you are fed up with UK politics…  use your vote.

Either Vote for a candidate who you trust to work hard for things you believe in,

or Vote NONE in protest.

Any result is possible if we all vote.

Voting NONE is a positive protest, to say:

'I believe in democracy, but I do not support any of the candidates.  I want better politics in the UK'.

This website offers practical information on voting and protest votes, as well as argument and debate.

Look at the real results from the last election.  They show that even a few votes can change the results, and therefore why it is worth either Voting, or Voting NONE

Things to do are in the red action box.

Step one, as soon as you read this, is to Register to Vote.

Then help to make sure that everyone realises the option to Vote or Vote NONE.  There's no reason to be silent.

Vote?    Vote NONE?
Register now.  Decide by the 7th  of May.
It's your vote.